Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Old lady's skirt

Oh! God how I love this skirt  ! It's thrifted for just one euro , it's 100% polyester and made in west Germany . It comes with a tag that reads Rhodia Swing . It sounds good to me but i don't have the slightest idea of what it means .
I can imagine ,  though a 60 year old German lady with white hair and glasses wearing this skirt with a floral blouse ,   holding a black bag and  having black pumps in her feet on her way to visit the grand children !!!  (I wish I had so much imagination on what to cook for dinner tonight ).
I teamed the skirt with an electric blue tank top and my favorite oxfords . I know that long skirts and oxfords and strong colors are all the rage this summer.
I hope I took the old lady out of the skirt!!! If I did , I will be thrilled to know that I saw the potential in this skirt which laid around unwanted in the stall.


  1. I just LOVE an old lady skirt or dress!!! Those women knew how to dress!!!! I think you styled this beautifully! Your wide belt and tank definitely youth-anize the elderlyness of it. I've not warmed to oxfords (brogues) for myself yet. However, if I can find a black and white pair, I think it will be a love match! Hugs to you!! ~Serene

  2. Yes, Angie, you are making that skirt young and fresh. I must admit, you had me smiling about the previous owner and her grandchildren . . . You can really paint a picture!

  3. I love that skirt and I also love the story you created to go with it :) I think it looks great paired with the leather belt and scarf--what a great find!

  4. The colors in this are gorgeous...and I love the scarf you have added.

  5. I'm reading all your posts and love how you put things together. I think tomorrow I will wear jeans with the cuffs rolled up - thanks for the idea! I'm following you now and look forward to more of your posts!