Sunday, 17 July 2011

The story of a jacket

After yesterday's throw it all on the paper post  , I 'll keep it short today. The above jacket comes with a story and it's one of the oldest and better crafted clothes in my closet as well as one of the most expensive. However , I've only worn it once in a period of 12 years.
The one and only time I've worn it was in my marriage ceremony. You see I'm one of these girls that don't feel strong about wedding gowns. I just put a nice lace dress on and for modesty reasons I put on this jacket that I bought for this purpose.
And then I had absolutely no idea what to do with it . The lapels are of weird shape but I didn't even notice it, then. The color is also difficult to use in the winter . It's also a piece of clothing that one needs what I call stylistic confidence to pull it.
Since I feel that I'm getting somewhere with my style , it's the first time I feel I've got a look for this jacket I can wear . Thank you inspiration photo . And since I was feeling very inspired I took my husband's shirt that was on the chair and pulled a second look.
Now that's an autumn look and I have to wait until then but I had to follow my inspiration for this jacket for it's special to me and has been hiding in my closet as an orphan for so long!!!
Do you have orphans like this in your closet and how do you go about?

inspiration photo :  j crew fall 2011
jeans  : Levi's
denim : shirt berska
shoes : boxer


  1. Very inspiring, Angie. I hope to see a lot of that gorgeous jacket now that you have "liberated" it!

  2. I LIKE the lapel on the jacket you've worn once in 12 years. What kind of fabric is it?